corner to corner afghan part one

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Diagonal Shell Stitch Corner to Corner Afghan Tut

By request, here’s how to make the corner to corner shell stitch afghan. All photos are clickable.
Use any yarn of choice, and appropriate size hook. I’m using scraps of worstened weight yarn and a 5 mm hook. Finished size can be adjusted depending on how big you make it (which is why it’s a favorite pattern of mine) or how much yarn you have, etc.

Chain 6.

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In fourth chain from hook, make one double crochet. In the next two chains, make one more double crochet in each of the two chains. This means you have the turning chain where you skipped your first few chains, and 3 double crochets. This forms your first shell block.

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Chain 6.

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Make one double crochet in the fourth chain from hook & in the next 2 chain spaces.
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Now, turn that first shell a bit, and slip stitch into the very first chain space (where you skipped the very first stitches). Chain 3, and make 3 double crochet into that chain space.

Free Image Hosting at

Do you see what we are doing? Each row adds one more “shell”.

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Chain 6, double crochet into the 4th chain from the hook & into the next two chains. Turn work, slip into chain space that you skipped on the row before. Chain 3, and make 3 double crochets into the same chain space.

Slip into next chain space, chain 3, and make your 3 double crochets as before.

And just keep going, for as long as you want, changing colors whenever you like/run out of yarn.

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The rest of this series will include how to turn the square into a rectangle, and how to do the decreases.



  1. Nancy Ditzik said,

    Where is Part II–decreasing once you get to desired size? Thank you.

  2. kaye hardin said,

    I need your help.. I want to make a retangle , not square afghan. Please tell me how to !! I am sure your solution will be simple as to how to get it longer without getting it any wider. I want to make it into a 36 by 48 so it can be used as a lapghan to donate to a charity.. But I can’t find any directions on the net and for the life of me I can’t figure it out.. having a brain freeze.. Can’t tell you the hours I have spent going thru sites here and all my patterns . I know I have it ,simply can’t find it..Please HELP


    • Teresa said,

      I also need help because I want to make this as a rectangle afghan. Please tell me how, as I can’t seem to figure it out. I would appreciate it if someone – Anastacia, Kaye (if you received the help you requested), or someone else with the pattern – would tell me how. To send it to me directly, “kneelingsanta” is the name to use for emailing through Thanks and have a blessed day!

    • Von said,

      Check out tutorial

  3. Joanie said,

    Thanks! That really brings back memories. My aunt used to do this stitch for pillows, and I had completely forgotten how.

  4. TJTaylor said,

    Thanks for this visual tutorial. I have made several corner to corner afghans over the years but always forget how to start. Yours was the only website with a visual tutorial that has me making another one! Many Thanks!

  5. robin lane said,

    i love this pattern i love it

  6. Louise said,

    This is basically the only blanket I make. My mom gave me the directions over 25 years ago and I have made it with worsted as well as baby yarn, stripes or hombres! I have ever made it square and rectangle. To make rectangle, when you get to the width you want just decrease on one side and increase on the other until you get the length you want then decrease on both sides. Easy and extremely warm!!!

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